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Welcome to my library. In this section of the web site I will share with you from my library of books, and develop some of their ideas.

This fall, in a strange synchronicity, I chanced upon this book while browsing in a Border's bookstore. It intrigued me that it had the same name as I had chosen for this website, and it was copyrighted in the same year that I started this website, 2000, the year of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. If you're interested in the story of Atlantis, then I recommend this book to you for an update on some of the latest ideas behind this land of myth and legend.

Gateway to Atlantis: The Search for the Source of a Lost Civilization

For two millennia the fate of Atlantis has fascinated philosophers, classicists, and explorers. They have debated its reality, they have consigned it to mythology, they have searched in vain for the kingdom behind the legend. Historian Andrew Collins has done more. In addition to meticulously examining centuries of literature on Atlantis, he has traveled oceans gathering evidence to support his conclusion that not only did Atlantis exist but remnants of the ancient empire survive today.

Collins's quest for Atlantis begins with a trail of clues left by Plato, and his journey takes him far beyond Crete and the Mediterranean, where scholars in recent times have placed the island kingdom. Collins finds signposts among the mummies in Egypt, in the wreckage of Roman vessels off the coasts of South and Central America, and in the African features of great stone heads in Mexico. His final destination has roused controversy among the experts, but he may indeed have found the land that history lost.

Dane Rudhyar - The Astrology of Personality

Dane Rudhyar's pivotal examination and reformulation of the concepts of astrology according to the phsychological principles developed by Carl Jung. These concepts fundamentally changed the practice of astrology for the latter half of the 20th century, influencing future generations of astrologers to explore entirely new paths for their practice.

Dane Rudhyar - The Astrological Houses


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