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Welcome to the Astrology Discussion Club web page. This club is on egroups, and is open to the public for membership. You can view the posted messages to see whether they are interested in joining, but you cannot post messages, or view other areas of the club without membership. The discussion is laid back, and anyone is welcome regardless of their knowledge level of astrology. But that's not to say, you won't feel lost at times :-)

This group is devoted to sharing information about astrology, and discussing the personal use of astrology in daily life. It is open to anyone interested in learning about astrology. Professionals are welcome to share their knowledge with others; amateurs and novices are welcome to learn, ask questions, and contribute whatever they wish to. It is an open forum with no restrictions as to topic, including other spiritual pursuits; I only ask that you consider the primary focus is on astrology.

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Sometimes we get together in this chat room to have astrology chats. If you see me on line on Yahoo Messenger, send me a message, and if I can, I'll join you in the chat room.

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