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The Solar Return

Solar Returns (Authorship unknown)

NOTE: When forecasting always remember that nothing can come GOOD or POOR that is not shown in the NATAL Chart. Astrologers who forget this will make incorrect forecasts for sure. Also, different persons act differently towards transits and progressions because of the effect of the SOLAR RETURN effecting the matter at hand, OR they have the same aspect in their natal chart and have become accustomed to handling it maturely or not over the years because they have lived with it so long, OR the age of the soul of the individual is different..older souls are generally able to handle matters more maturely and at times will not even be influenced at all by certain aspects. You will hear them say "That doesn't bother me". Make a note on their natal that they are not effected by transits to such and such, and which transits or progressions these are, but check the SOLAR first before you do as it may be temporarily relieving the stress and they actually are effected by the aspect.

Please remember that you can get lost in the woods in forecasting by considering too many things at once...concentrate on the houses where the action is...planets, transits, progressions, solars...and again, make sure that the influence shows in the natal chart.

    It is a chart calculated the same way one calculates the natal chart except that it is calculated for that "exact moment" when the SUN RETURNS to the exact DEGREE and MINUTE it is in the BIRTH CHART.
    1. It is calculated once a year AFTER the person's birthday, hour, and minute has passed.
    2. You wait until your birthday has passed because the SOLAR RETURN MUST be calculated for the CITY, STATE, COUNTRY you were in at the time of your birth hour and date. You do not use the city, state, country where you were ACTUALLY BORN. In effect the SOLAR RETURN is RELOCATED to the place you were when your birth hour and minute occurred.
    3. The SOLAR RETURN is done as a PART of the TOTAL technique of prediction. In America most astrologers rely heavily on TRANSITS and PROGRESSIONS in their predictions. In Europe most astrologers rely heavily on TRANSITS and SOLAR RETURNS. A complete system should really include all three methods of prediction.
    4. SOLAR RETURNS frequently fall on the day before or after your actual birth DATE because of leap year.
    5. Many people calculate their SOLAR RETURNS a few months before their birthday actually falls. If they do not like the looks of it, they re-calculate the return for several different cities they could possibly travel to and be in on the day of their birth. If they like one of the new returns enough they arrange to be in that city when their birth hour occurs. It is only necessary to remain in that city for the ACTUAL MOMENT OF BIRTH, but since most birth hours are OFF as much as fifteen to twenty minutes, it is advisable to stay about an hour on either side of your birth hour and minute. Some astrologers advise staying in the city for a 24 hour period. This is really not necessary and you could safely move on an hour after your birth time if you are only in transit using that city to place the SOLAR RETURN where you desire it.
    6. By changing your location you cause the Ascendant in the SOLAR RETURN to change either by degrees and minutes or as much as a change in sign. This generally requires a move of some distance where the SOLAR RETURN would occur if you did not go anywhere. A great deal has to do with where you were born in the first place. In instances where grave danger or severe conditions show in the SOLAR RETURN, some will be willing to travel a distance.
  2. STEPS IN INTERPRETING THE SOLAR RETURN. (In order of procedure and importance).
    1. Overlay the Annual SOLAR RETURN onto the Natal Birth Chart.
    2. Examine the ASC (The ASC and MC are the most important single factors).
      1. Examine the natal house where the annual Solar Ascendant falls.
      2. Examine the sign on the annual Ascendant.
      3. Examine the meaning of the SUPERIMPOSITION of the Ascendant in that house.
      4. Examine the RULER OF THE ASCENDANT in the SOLAR RETURN, the SOLAR HOUSE it is in and aspects to the RULER.
      NOTE: With Major Aspects, there will be more events.
      With Minor Aspects except the Quincunx, the effects will be more psychological.
    3. Examine the SOLAR planets in the SOLAR FIRST HOUSE and any aspects to these planets. CONSIDER ALL ASPECTS to these planets giving the psychological as well as the possibility of events occurring. If there are no major aspects to the ASC and to the FIRST HOUSE, then the influence of the minor aspects will be used and they will give more of a PSYCHOLOGICAL influence rather than bringing about EVENTS during the year. MINOR ASPECTS could bring about a philosophical, religious, or ideological evolution during the year in matters shown by the ASC and the FIRST HOUSE should there be very few or no major aspects to the ASC and the FIRST HOUSE.
    4. Consider the annual MC the same way as you did the annual ASC.
    5. Consider the annual SOLAR house superimpositions in the same way.
    6. Pay special attention to HOUSES and their matters in all interpretations..especially houses with a group of planets in them..stelliums.
    7. Consider all other planets. Planets in ANGULAR HOUSES are VERY important and the more the number of planets falling in angular houses, the more important the year will be...the more important the SOLAR RETURN is likely to be.
    8. A planet RETURNING TO IT'S NATAL SIGN is read the same way as if it were the same planet in the same house in the natal chart.
    9. Consider all aspects to these other planets.
      1. Aspects between planets in the SOLAR RETURN are the MOST IMPORTANT and show the strongest influences for the year. Rely on them.
      2. Aspects between planets in the SOLAR RETURN to planets in the natal chart are not as strong an influence, but they do have an effect, especially if they are the BENEFIC PLANETS JUPITER AND VENUS or the Malefic PLANETS MARS AND SATURN.
    10. In interpreting the ASPECTS, the CONJUNCT is the MOST IMPORTANT and should be given special attention.


  1. The SUPERIMPOSITION TECHNIQUE is the key difference when interpreting a SOLAR RETURN.
  2. You need two charts to superimpose the houses: a) THE SOLAR RETURN and b) THE NATAL CHART.
  3. How to superimpose the annual SOLAR RETURN onto the natal chart:
    1. Get out your SOLAR RETURN for 1996 (or whatever year).
    2. Write down the DEGREE SIGN MINUTE of the ASC in the SOLAR RETURN
    3. Now get out your natal chart.
    4. Locate what HOUSE this degree, sign & minute falls in your natal chart and this is where the SOLAR ASC falls in your natal chart.
    5. You are allowed to use a 5deg orb.
    6. Using the system above do the same for each HOUSE CUSP IN THE SOLAR RETURN.
    7. As you become more adept at superimposing the house cusps you can then consider where the ENTIRE ANNUAL HOUSE FALLS. Frequently when interpreting this way you will become involved with three houses: The annual SOLAR HOUSE, and two natal houses. However, you can get quite an excellent interpretation considering only the house where the ANNUAL HOUSE CUSP FALLS allowing your five? orb. These superimpositions WILL ALWAYS BE THE MOST IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER...the house wherein the SOLAR HOUSE CUSP falls.
    8. Using the 5deg orb method, if the cusp falls into TWO HOUSES when allowing the 5deg orb, the house where the EXACT house cusp falls is the most important, but you must consider both natal houses in your interpretation.



  1. This is the single most important factor to consider in the chart of the SOLAR RETURN.
  2. Matters of the HOUSE that the annual ASC falls in will ALWAYS be connected with the most important event of the year. Those house matters will dominate your interests above all other interests during the times happily times not so happy. That house will also show the overall atmosphere in which you will live during the year.
  3. Should the ANNUAL SOLAR ASC fall on the NATAL ASC (allow 1? orb) or on the natal MC (allow 1deg orb) it will be a SIGNIFICANT YEAR IN YOUR LIFE.


Allowing a 5 deg orb, if the annual MC falls near the end of a natal house, you must consider that both houses are effected and interpret accordingly. The annual MC is the second MOST IMPORTANT factor to consider in the SOLAR RETURN as an indicator of the tenurial tone of the year in question.


  1. Houses which contain planets...especially in the SOLAR RETURN are highly significant during the year. Annual superimpositions into natal houses which contain planets are stronger than those that do not have planets in them in the natal chart.
  2. When a house in the annual SOLAR RETURN falls in TWO natal houses (5 deg orb allowed) all three houses involved must be considered, i.e. the SOLAR RETURN and the two natal houses in question.
  3. In some cases the annual SOLAR cusp with its 5 deg orb will fall into two natal houses as above BUT the house where the exact cusp falls is the strongest influence during the year.


  1. The planets are interpreted the same way they are in a natal chart:
    1. By the Sign
    2. The House they are in
    3. The aspects that form
    4. The houses they rule; Venus rules Taurus and Libra...find these houses in the SOLAR, for example:
  2. DO NOT CONSIDER THE SUN SIGN - it can't change it's place, use only by house, aspect.
  3. The House a planet rules is more important than the Sign the planet is in.
  4. Planets on the ANGLES have special importance...near 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house cusps. A malefic at an angle is very poor. Of note: the planet which is first to cross an angle imprints its individual character on the main event of the year it seems. Look in ephemeris and see which planet crosses an angle first by will imprint its influence on the ASC.

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